Book Cosy


This Book Cosy not only looks great but will keep your books looking like new.

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Fed up with tatty, dog-eared books or losing your page marker? Our Book Cosy may be the solution. Created using a beautifully apt, sepia coloured, Library Shelf design in a linen fabric, it is also fully lined and has a slightly padded interfacing to give added protection.

To stop your book falling out, there is a matching fabric-covered button and elastic loop to hold everything in place.

Popping your book in a Book Cosy means it can be thrown in a bag or left lying around without worrying about it getting bashed or something spilled on it etc. Give your books the care they deserve.

Choose from two sizes, Standard or Large, which are designed to hold either standard paperback or hardback books. Actual dimensions can be found in product details.

This would make a perfect present for a book lover, with perhaps the addition of a book or book token if you wish to enhance the gift.


Additional information


Standard, Large


Linen, cotton


Standard: 23.5 x 17cm, Large: 27.5 x 21cm

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