Easter Chicks


Handknitted Easter Chicks with a yummy treat inside!

Ivy Crafts offer a flat rate of £4.99 for delivery within the United Kingdom. We are also delighted to receive orders from elsewhere in the world. Please contact us for an International Delivery quote.



How cute are our Easter Chicks?

They make perfect gifts for both young and old, not too much chocolate but, as it is handmade, it is a gift from the heart.

They are beautifully handknitted in a sunshine yellow and cover a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. Easter isn’t Easter without Creme Eggs!

A little felt beak is sewn on and googly eyes added. Then our Easter Chick is finished off with a ‘Happy Easter’ bow tied around it’s neck.

Available individually or in a family of four.


Additional information


Wool, Felt, Cotton Wool (stuffing for head), Ribbon, Plastic Googly Eyes, Polyester Ribbon

Cadburys Creme Eggs

Each Chick will contain a Cadburys Creme Egg with ingredients and sell by date on wrapper


Individual, Set of Four