Tartan Canvas


Beautiful tartan fabrics back birch wood Scottish script.

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Dorothy in Wizard of Oz famously said ‘There’s no place like home’.

In Scotland, our version of that could be summed up in the phrase ‘Hame Sweet Hame’.

Then there’s the other place where you feel welcome and at home-could be your caravan, your parent’s home or with your best friend? That’s what we call your ‘Hame Fae Hame’.

Both phrases are captured in birch wood script and mounted on tartan covered canvasses. Two lovely wool tartans have been chose for this product-Taylor Ancient in muted lilac, lime, pink and navy tones and Grey Granite in a strong grey palette.

Ideal as a new home gift, to send as memento to someone living far from home or to give to the person who makes you feel most welcome in their home.

Where is your ‘Hame Fae Hame’?

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Overall 20x20cm, Script 12x9cm


Canvas, Wood, Wool