Tweed Egg Cosy


Tweed Egg Cosies to keep your boiled eggs at perfect temperature.

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The Tweed Egg Cosies are really very special.

The outer fabric is a gorgeous herringbone wool tweed in muted olive and neutral tones. A layer of wadding for insulation is sandwiched between the tweed and a cotton fabric which has a very apt cute chick design.

Finishing details include a velvet pull tab and a cheery yellow button, both picking out colours in the main fabrics.

There’s something comforting about boiled eggs and soldiers. Maybe its the throwback to our youth but whatever it is, let’s honour our boiled eggs by dressing them splendidly in an Ivy Crafts Tweed Cosy.

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Tweed wool, Cotton, Polyester wadding, Velvet


10.5 X 8cm (excluding velvet ribbon pull)